We live in interesting times, times of great change and great opportunity.

Europe is coming Full Circle. Our Economy and our Ecology is coming Full Circle. I am coming Full Circle. Are You?

There is a synchronicity in coming Full Circle, and it means working towards a more conscious and more caring economy. I am privileged to have a network of friends and colleagues who passionately believe in the power of mindfulness to accomplish great things.

Our economy provides us with an opportunity to create a more caring and compassionate way to do business. Our ecology provides us with an opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with nature and our environment.

More importantly, however, our global economy and its effects on our global ecology give us cause to pause.

The ongoing and escalating refugee crisis in Europe is the latest example providing an opportunity for the global community to show solidarity and responsibility for the policies which have contributed towards the crisis. We see this tragic and escalating situation as an opportunity to come Full Circle, an opportunity to re-create and co-create a more sustainable, resilient, and compassionate world.

Economy, Energy, and Ecology policies during the past 50 to 100 years have brought us to where we stand today. The conflicts of these last decades, specifically those in the Middle East, are a direct result of these policies, and now we are harvesting the results.

We can meet these challenges with an Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will, and create Centres of Excellence where we grow and create wealth; for our society, our community, and for the individual.