I draw on forty years of business experience, during which I have helped found and manage companies in six countries on four continents (North and South America, Europe and Asia). Living in nine countries and learning eight languages gives me certain advantages in understanding the different cultures of of rich international society. This background has also given me a great deal of flexibility and adaptability in dealing with difficult or unusual situations.

Although there is no standard approach, a method has developed over the years, outlined below:

  1. Familiarization on a personal and professional level; essential for every project.
  2. A thorough market study with preliminary budget; this reduces unnecessary doubts and can save a lot of money later.
  3. Developing and defining goals; this will eventually become the business plan.
  4. Prototyping can increase the success of the project and save money by making small mistakes and learning valuable lessons
  5. With a solid business plan work can begin, be it fund raising for a business, product development, or building a house.
  6. As defined in the business plan, milestones should be analysed and celebrated.
  7. A time limit and the final budget appraisal determines the success of the project.