Question Everything! Apathy and the Awakening of Mother Earth.

(This blog originally posted on on April 15, 2016)

Consider the tremendous resources, technology, intelligence, and abilities available to humanity on this beautiful planet; there should be no reason to worry about our future.

Yet in the news, in our local communities and globally; natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, (i.e. resource wars and the refugee crisis), the greed of corporations, and the corruption of our elected officials tell a different story. Undeniable facts that are flooding us daily. It is overwhelming, and we sometimes respond with depression and sometimes apathy.

Life can be like walking up a lonely mountain on a rainy day

Apathy is actually a very reasonable response. How else to respond, to protect ourselves, knowing that individually we have little or no way to influence the human and natural destruction in our lives? It seems hopeless, and we despair, engage in denial, and hide, sometimes behind working harder, making more money, buying more things, hoping that the pain will subside or go away. But it doesn’t.

It’s also a most natural response; we want a home, healthy food on our table, a loved one, some friends and a family to share our lives, maybe leaving the world a little better than we found it. Working hard for this lifestyle it’s not difficult to get depressed watching the news and blaming others for the havoc being wrecked on Mother Earth. Can we afford to ignore the destructive path humanity is on? The scientific evidence is piling up. What can we do?

There is hope, and I believe the solutions are staring us in the face.

Perhaps it’s time to stop. Full Stop. And then, go take a walk in nature, or look at a tree, or go look for a tree. Do you see one? Mother Nature is there, maybe just around the corner, waiting. Are we listening?

Every once in a while, when I go for a walk, I find the most beautiful trees… Or do the trees find me?

During World War Two, children were taken out of London to protect them from the bombings in the city, an act of compassion, it was thought. But the children fell into apathy, and death rates were high. It was discovered that the lack of emotional closeness, cuddling and motherly care caused the children to become apathetical, and lose their will to live.

We are all children of Mother Earth, and some of us, especially in the so-called developed countries, have become separated from our Mother. We have left the emotional safety of nature, moved into cities where barely a tree stands, concrete jungles where a strain of grass in the wrong place is quickly removed, or worse, sprayed with herbicides, millions of tons of poison spayed on our sidewalks, roadways, and over our food before harvesting, to remove “weeds” to reduce costs and increase the profits for multinational corporations that never see the destruction they cause with their products. Separation. The same is happening in energy; fossil fuels pumped from the bowels of Mother Earth, leading to sterility of the soil (and sterility in species, including humans), destroying natural habitats and creating new floating continents of plastic. Separation. And the financial system; money being made with money, no real products, just invented products on paper: derivatives, commodities, and futures. Separation.

Apathy is a biological mechanism we have as humans to attract attention. We become apathetic in order to receive the emotional attention, the cuddling from our mother, our real mother, or the one we yearn for, our Mother Earth. As such, it’s a very natural and healthy response to our situation. Natural in the sense that if we get that attention, a hug, a kind look, a smile, some Love, we can recover and begin to respond normally to life’s challenges. David Bowie is quoted as saying about Berlin: “It’s a great city, if I died there no one would notice for months…” This is true of many cities. In China recently, a woman in her forties was found dead in a high-rise elevator that had malfunctioned. She died of dehydration and was discovered only months later.

We can take ourselves out of apathy by addressing the root cause of apathy, fear. Fear is insidious, it creeps up on you. It’s little wonder pharmaceutical companies are doing so well treating depression, the twin of apathy. Anti-depressants are best sellers and suicides — although seldom reported in the news, are sky-rocketing — in 2010 there were more suicides than in all the conflicts and murders worldwide.

So where am I going with this? Where are we going with this?

Mother Earth is awakening. The polarities in our society are red flags, the convulsions in nature are red flags, the financial, social, and environmental crises are red flags. A higher level of energy than Apathy is Fear. Fear is provides a mechanism of “fight or flight”. Becoming aware of our fears and acting on them develops anger. Anger is a higher energy than fear, and leads to courage, so our biological make-up is to raise ourselves higher in energy, and red flags are telling us it is time to act. Are we listening?

Coming down the mountain, the path goes through an oak forest

It’s very simple really, although not necessarily easy. It starts with beginning to question everything. Stop. Reflect. Observe and listen. Our habits, culture, ideas, beliefs and behaviour have been evolving throughout our lives. This is what has formed and shaped the reality we live in today, individually and collectively. By questioning we can see a new story emerge, a new narrative for a healthy planet, and choose consciously to change towards a more sustainable, resilient, and happy life-style.

What often stands in the way is this fear. This is where community comes in, connecting with people who share a vision for truly happy and meaningful lifestyles. Through dialogue and action, defining our fears, and reflecting on what we really, really want, defining our INTENTION, we can choose a path leading back to Mother Earth, Mother Nature. And Mother is waiting.

Another day, another night? You choose!

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For a better and more thorough explanation of these thoughts, I warmly recommend reading the book that inspired me to write these lines: “Letting Go” by David R. Hawkins, MD

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