Impact Dialogues

Coaching helps you define the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

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Impact Consulting

Consulting from a Zero Perspective for clean and simple solutions

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Impact Hubs

Centres of Excellence are places where people are fulfilling their potential and living from the heart.

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Question Everything! Apathy and the Awakening of Mother Earth.

(This blog originally posted on on April 15, 2016) Consider the tremendous resources, technology, intelligence, and abilities available to humanity on this beautiful planet; there should be no reason to worry about our future. Yet in the news, in our local communities and globally; natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, (i.e. resource wars and the…

Exploring Consciousness in Business Unusual

How do we meet the challenges and define the solutions to a more conscious economy, a more compassionate, respectful, and responsible way of living, managing our home with new-found knowledge? Full Circle is about joining several strings to form a rope. Joining many disciplines under one roof, both figuratively and literally speaking. Full Circle coaching…